Raphael is a native New Yorker born in Queens. Growing up as competitive basketball player and then coach, Raphael has always had a keen eye for coordination, detail, and bringing out the positivity and confidence in others. Off the court, Raphael took his skills to the back of the barber chair, where he uses his skillful hands and imagination to provide each man with a haircut that accentuates uniqueness, style — and confidence.

Eight years behind the barber chair, Raphael not only gained mastery of the craft of barbering, he recognized the powerful impact that his services has had on his customers and their lives. Raphael created a space for men to experience his old world craft in today’s modern world, called The Barber Room.

At The Barber Room, barbers pride themselves in precision and contemporary barbering, from timeless classics to modern day styles. Inspired by powder rooms of the 18th century, where women went to freshen up, The Barber Room is today’s place where men also get to freshen up, their way.

Where old-fashioned meets modern, The Barber Room aims to provide men with the full experience of the barbering craft, from cut to dress to shave and trim, that refine the modern gentleman and bring out the confidence in every man.


1049 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Working Hours

Mon - Fri: 9:30A - 7:30P
Sat - Sun: 10A - 5P